Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Best Ride I Ever Had ...

... that didn't involve sexual intercourse.

I found the new bike, bought the new bike, rode the new bike eight miles home.

"New," of course, is a relative term. It's actually used -- a very tall Trek 7000 road bike that I got for the insanely low price of $100:

I enjoyed the ride home so much that I almost decided to do my daily 11.3-mile "loop" for a second time today. Almost. I'm actually pretty sore from doing that loop the last four mornings on Daniel's knobby-tired mountain bike while I looked for a new ride. Thank God that's over. And thank God I balked at the last minute Monday night when I had actually rolled yet another Wal-Mart special to the register and decided to hold out for the right bicycle.

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