Sunday, January 12, 2014

Election 2016: First Handicapping Foray

I made my first Election 2016 prediction yesterday over at Eric Dondero's Libertarian [sic] Republican blog. Might as well preserve it here for posterity. As my long-time readers know, I am often extremely accurate, but don't run from my failures when I'm not. So here's the prediction, taken from comments at the aforementioned post and edited for clarity:

If both New Jersey governor Chris Christie and California congressman Darrell Issa enter the race for the Republican Party's 2016 presidential nomination, Christie will whip Issa's ass, no contest. There might be some other candidate who will whip Christie's ass, but Issa won't break 5% in the Iowa caucus or 2% in the New Hampshire primary. ... Christie will beat Issa in every caucus/primary, and unless someone big, not yet thought to be in the race, comes along, Christie will lead the pack and outpoll Issa by a full order of magnitude in both the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary.


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