Friday, November 08, 2013

Yes, I am a Shield Mutual Customer

Speaking of things you might want to spend Bitcoin on: Shield Mutal is "the Agora's first defense agency."

I can't really review the service, since I've had no reason to invoke its protections yet, but I did join not long ago, and paid with Bitcoin.

As far as prospective reviews are concerned:

One reason I took the step is that if I had to draw up a list of activists I'd like to have working for my release and publicizing my situation were I detained by state gangsters, Shield Mutual proprietor George Donnelly would show up somewhere near the top of that list.

Do I expect to be detained by state gangsters? I'd be surprised if it doesn't happen at some point, but for any particular time cycle it's more of a hedged bet, aka "insurance" (I see elsewhere that George himself doesn't think of it in precisely those terms). While it's unlikely on any particular day that I'll find myself in the grip of the state for non-force-initiating activities, the amount I'm paying to Shield Mutual to spring into action if that does happen is quite small. I think it's a good deal.

Another reason I joined Shield Mutual is that I'm very interested in "building the new society in the shell of the old," and projects like this one seem to be a very good first step.

And the third reason is that they accept Bitcoin, and I like Bitcoin (largely for the same reasons as indicated in the preceding paragraph).

I guess a fourth, minor and un-premeditated, reason is that if you sign up with Shield Mutal and put my name in the "who sent you" box, I get a commission.

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