Sunday, July 14, 2013

State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman

Not Guilty.

As with the OJ Simpson trial 18 years ago -- and a number of other cases come to mind as well -- the legal process "worked" as advertised. That is, a jury unanimously agreed that the state had failed to prove its case and that the defense had raised reasonable doubt as to the guilt of the accused.

As an anarchist, I'm not a fan of the state or its legal system, but six semi-randomly-selected people unanimously agreeing on anything of substance or importance, especially contra the political establishment's claims (as delivered by the prosecution), is a pretty strict test.

At this point, I think the important thing is to not let the "identity politics" con artists (of any persuasion; you'll recognize them by their crowing or their wailing and gnashing of teeth) make bank of any kind on this thing.

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