Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Not Sure I Agree with the Defense Strategy Here ...

Per the Miami Herald:

Seminole Circuit Judge Debra Nelson heard arguments from attorneys without jurors present about whether to allow into evidence audio recordings of five calls [George] Zimmerman made to police in the months before he fatally shot Trayvon Martin in a gated Sanford community.

Zimmerman’s defense team wants Nelson to exclude the tapes from evidence, saying they show nothing more than that the 29-year-old neighborhood-watch volunteer was acting as a responsible citizen.

Records show Zimmerman called police 46 times since 2004 to report break-ins, broken windows and other minor disturbances

Zimmerman called the police FORTY-SIX TIMES.

Only ONE of those calls culminated in a fatal shooting.

Hardly the behavior of someone with a rabid urge to kill. Seems exculpatory to me.

Why does the defense want to exclude evidence that Zimmerman was "acting as a responsible citizen?" And why does the prosecution want to introduce it?

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