Thursday, September 20, 2012

PSA ...

The post that used to be here was a pretty cool graphic about the War on Drugs, provided by Camille Brockman of

This morning, I had an email from the same site (opening with "My name is Molly," but signed "William Pritchard") asking me to remove the graphic and links due to some gobbledygook about "the advent of new Webmaster Standards" and "over optimized anchor text" and whatnot.

There are two things I normally don't do at KN@PPSTER:

  1. Post "guest content" that is transparently submitted for no other reason than as an "SEO link-building" ploy. I made an exception for because frankly the content was really good.
  2. Remove posts. I'm making an exception again because they asked me to ... but in my opinion, asking people to post your stuff is a "no-backsies" kind of thing and it's rude to ask them to clean up the mess you asked them to make in the first place. So you won't be seeing any future content from that particular venue here.
That is all.

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