Saturday, July 28, 2012

Domain Name for Sale?

I registered the domain name in 2006, and have since maintained that registration from year to year while pointing it at the Boston Tea Party's web site (which I also hosted, and early versions of which I created).

With the dissolution of the party, the domain name is now available for other uses ... and I don't have any particular use in mind. Rather than just slam it up on a domain auction site,  I'm gonna take the slow road. If you would like to own the domain name, let me know via the contact form  a) how much you're willing to pay for it and b) what you intend to do with it if you get it.

No, I don't expect to leverage the domain name into a new BMW. I'd like to at least make back what I've spent on it -- call it $10 a year for six years, or $60. More than that is better. Less than that will still get considered. And a better (or at least more fun!) proposed purpose/use will, to some reasonable degree, trump a higher monetary offer.

If I don't like the offers/proposed uses, no problem ... I'll just keep it or auction it or whatever.

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