Monday, June 25, 2012

Quote of the Week

As is often the case, it's from dL, author of the Liberale et Libertaire blog. And the reason it's the quote of the week is that brings together several things I've been thinking about in a way that I hadn't managed to yet:

Our age of State Capitalism-intertwined in a million different knots with a political economy of State Security-promises to sever the remaining myth: the relationship between capitalism and opportunity, or the "opportunity society." To be more precise, we are about to be given an object lesson that there is no logical relationship between Capitalism and Markets. The collapse of this paradigm, of course, is conveniently timed with the maturation of our State Security Apparatus. The reason you have a National Security State, of course, is largely because of a loss of legitimacy. Our era of State Capitalism will be marked by a general decline in popular sentiment regarding legitimacy. But our "bleeding heart libertarians" seek to reposition libertarianism as the legitimizing face of State Capitalism. You know the thing that served to hollow out your political freedom while reneging on its bribe of eternal economic growth. Now that's quite a historical turn.

I've been kind of outlining a piece I'd intended to call "Why I am not a 'Bleeding Heart' Libertarian." Now I'm not sure I need to bother.

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