Tuesday, April 10, 2012

You're Almost Certainly an Expert ...

... really. In something. It may not be something that anyone (including you) thinks is especially sexy or popular, but there's something you know more about than the average bear. And there's almost certainly a market for your expertise.

Twenty years ago, that market would have had trouble finding you (and vice versa) unless a) there was really huge demand for your niche expertise and b) you had lots of money to promote yourself as the go-to guy or gal in the field.

The problem today is kind of the opposite. The Internet makes it easy to promote yourself, but it's also crowded and cacophonous. These days, all 30 experts in identifying the mating calls of the native birds of Kentucky (or whatever) are vying for Google search position and flogging their 468 x 60 banners around.

Decentralization is good, but sometimes centralization is better.

Enter Maven. They hook clients up with consultants. That's pretty much all they do. And they're good at it.

Over the last year and change, I've done several consultations for Maven clients, and I've made money from them (not huge money, but significant money -- double digits each time, for a few minutes of my time; and it's actual money actually paid, not theoretical "credits" and such).

You can make money sharing your own personal expertise (or expertises) too. Looking over their opportunities, there's some really off-the-wall stuff there, so don't think that whatever it is you know about will never be sought out. It almost certainly will!

Yes, the link is a referral link. Yes, I will receive a commission (10% of whatever you make your first year) if you register with Maven and get paid for work you get through them. And yes, signing on with Maven as a consultant is free. It only takes a few minutes, and it could be anything from a small money-maker to very lucrative. See you there!

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