Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sarah Palin, left-libertarian?

She's certainly sounding a bit like one at the moment.

I wouldn't try to take that to the bank, though. As Long points out, she doesn't seem to have noticed (or at least doesn't care to mention) that the single biggest American corporate welfare / crony capitalism nexus is "defense."

And remember, this is the woman who ran for mayor of Wasilla as a "progressive," saddled the town with an eminent-domain-enabled white elephant sports center that it's still in debt for today, then ascended to the governorship where she rammed through half a billion in corporate welfare on a single pipeline project on one hand and backed full-blown gasoline socialism (a tax-financed "gas debit card" for every Alaskan) on the other, all before running for vice-president as a "conservative."

So it's not like we can rely on next week's Sarah Palin to look anything like this week's Sarah Palin. I sometimes wonder if she's perhaps a political extension of the Wall Street Journal's old "monkey with a dart board" experiment.

But it's still interesting.

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