Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A question for Karen Kwiatkowski

In response to this:

Karen Kwiatkowski writes this:

[Katherine Mangu-Ward's suggestion that she] can confidently say "... and Ron Paul knows he's not going to win," and is planning accordingly are even more outlandish, and fall into the realm of fantasy.

So ... does Karen Kwiatkowski believe that Ron Paul is batshit insane -- so much so and so obviously so that it falls into the realm of fantasy to believe otherwise?

Because that's the alternative to Paul knowing he's not going to win and planning accordingly.

No, I'm not a Ron Paul fan, but neither do I believe him to be either mentally retarded or cuckoo for Coco Puffs. He's not going to be elected president of the United States. He knows he's not going to be elected president of the United States. He's been too successful in politics for too long to have swallowed his own Kampaign Kool-Aid on that subject. Therefore, he has planned his campaign for the purpose of accomplishing other things.

It's not especially strange or unusual to see a Reason editor telling it like it is while still treating Paul respectfully. Unfortunately, it's not especially strange to see the folks at attacking her for it, either. Matter of fact, it seems to be pretty much standard operating procedure.

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