Friday, January 28, 2011

New song for the US government's iTunes playlist

"Blowback," by Karmic Bitch (featuring Sonny and Cher's long-lost child, Cui Bono, on vocals). Racing up the charts -- Probably about number 5 at the moment, but definitely with a bullet.

The Egyptian army may be throwing in. Which side? Uncertain, but if you have any secrets you want Hosni Mubarak to take to his grave, you might want to get them to him ASAP.

From Suez to Sanaa, from Tunis to Tripoli (the one in Lebanon, not the one in Libya) the US program of maintaining "stability" in the Middle East by playing footsie with corrupt authoritarian regimes is going into the crapper faster than, and with as little warning as, a tainted seafood dinner. The Jordanian and Saudi regimes may not be panicking yet, but they're probably updating their emergency escape itineraries just in case.

Immediate beneficiaries: The Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, al Qaeda.

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