Friday, December 03, 2010

Rage, rage against the dying of the light

Reproduced verbatim from an article by Punk Johnny Cash at Gonzo Times:

How To Access WikiLeaks

After their domain name has been siezed you may be wondering “how can I access WikiLeaks?” Early this morning WikiLeaks posted their direct IP on Twitter encouraging us to get the word out there. Their url has been taken, but we can still access information directly. We must spread this information, provide links, mirrors and keep the information in the public eye.

@WIKILEAKS: Free speech has a number:
via Twitter / WikiLeaks: WIKILEAKS: Free speech has ….

Please help get this information out there to the general public. The state is doing all they can to deny access.

The first serious infowar is now engaged. The field of battle is WikiLeaks. You are the troops.

You can be assured that this is only the beginning of the states war on truth and WikiLeaks.

Please save the IP address

Also Google still has a Cache of the site that can be found here.

Please re-post this on your blogs to help get the word out there.

Other Ways To Access WikiLeaks:

In case something happens, here are some mirrors etc.. via:

Real mirrors on different IP Addresses

We need more real mirrors. If you have information on these please send it to me. If you have further sources to access the information also please forward it to me so I can post it all here. You can reach me here.
  • – Mirror hosted in Switzerland []
  • – Mirror hosted in Sweden []
  • – Mirror hosted in the United States []

Domains Pointing to:

Important Wikileaks Links

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