Saturday, July 03, 2010

Computer contretemps

Of a minor sort.

The new (to me) laptop is running Firefox 3.6.6 in Linux Mint. It's beautiful ... except that Firefox Sync isn't working right. It sort of half-assed synced with my other machines once (but in the wrong way, opposite my explicit instructions -- it moved some of the new install's default bookmarks to my existing machines, instead of importing theirs -- the only one it imported in the right direction was Gmail). Now when it tries to sync, it gets an "unknown error" then, to all appearances, lies down and dies.

Not a big deal -- I just exported my permanent bookmarks to my Dropbox folder, then imported them to the new machine -- but I'm wondering if the bug is in Sync, Firefox proper, Linux Mint, or my machine.

I must say, the guys at Dropbox are living network gods. They made my life about a thousand percent easier.

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