Thursday, May 06, 2010

Two clues

In "Knight Fall," Wilson's ex-wife comes back into his life ... and ... wait a minute ... hey, that's Libby!

Then, in "Open and Shut,", we get the tell from House: "Namaste."

You heard it here first: The entire story arc of Lost is actually the story of one of House's elaborate screw jobs. He's trying to recruit Jack Shephard (who, like and possibly even with Wilson, attended Columbia University) as the newest member of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital's rockstar diagnostic team.

Supporting Evidence:

- Richard Alpert is a financial backer of Princeton-Plainsboro. He has an obvious interest in stellar staffing there.

- Juliet Burke is a former patient who apparently gave up the cloistered life to become a doctor herself after her encounter with House. He must have hired her as a recruiter.

- Benjamin Linus has been sending patients to House since way back when.

"Wear a cup," indeed.

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