Friday, August 15, 2008

Could someone please light a match?

Match for my donation to AntiWar.Com, that is? They're conducting their quarterly fundraiser, and it's not looking so good at the moment.

Four days into what should be a one-week drive, they're at less than 1/3 of goal (about where my own publication is in its less ambitious fundraiser, as it happens).

I'm not a wealthy guy, but I send AntiWar.Com $5 a month and consider it a fantastic investment. The Russia-Georgia war of the last week or so is just the latest example of AWC shedding merciless light on a situation when all we've received from the US "mainstream media" is a straight feed of the War Party's line. Let's help them keep delivering the truth.

N.B. If you sign on as a monthly AWC pledger, feel free to join the web ring I've created just for people like you.

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