Tuesday, April 17, 2007

One "for the children"

I've bragged on my older son Daniel's acumen for art before; now I'm asking for your help in encouraging my younger son Liam's activist urges.

Short version:

Please sign this petition.

Longer version:

Liam is on a Hamtaro kick. I'm not sure what's up with that since the show strikes me as somewhat below his level intellectually, but he's got the bug but bad. He's been spending the money he earns doing chores on Hamtaro DVDs and videos.

When he read on Wikipedia* that the show used to be on Cartoon Network but was canceled in 2004, he asked me to help him draft an email to the network requesting that it be brought back. One thing led to another, and we ended up with this petition. He wrote it himself, although I helped with one spelling correction and setting the capitalization right.

So ... please sign it! Liam's marched many a mile for Libertarian candidates and causes, so this is sort of a quid pro quo thing.

* Yes, my boys are smart -- at 8 and 5, they both read well above what the educrats consider "grade level," and they extensively research whatever they're interested in using Google, Wikipedia and, often to my wallet's detriment, Amazon and eBay. They're also veterans of numerous marches, rallies, demonstrations, precinct lit drops, party conventions, campaign junkets, etc. In particular, they were solid soldiers in their mother's successful local election campaign and on two ballot initiative drives in our city, helping flier hundreds of doors and work the polling place. My older (17) daughter Caitlin is also a genius, but since she lives with her mother, I can't brag on her in as much detail.

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