Tuesday, January 30, 2007

That's how rumors get started ...

File under "bizarre, but interesting:"

I just got off the phone with a friend in Hollywood, who tells me that she's heard from another Hollywood source (here we go, a friend of a friend) that Susan Sarandon is considering seeking the Libertarian Party's 2008 presidential nomination, with ... get this ... either husband Tim Robbins or friend Sean Penn possibly throwing in for the VP slot.

Reliable? Who knows? Impossible? I don't think so. Sarandon has a record of financially supporting third parties (not the LP, the Greens and Natural Law), and third party/independent candidates including Ralph Nader and Bernie Sanders. It wouldn't be the first time that third party flirtations have been followed by an LP involvement.

She might be a hard sell to libertarians, but she does have some libertarian-leaning credentials:

- Anti-war, of course.

- Pro-choice (of all her documented political contributions, the most frequent have been to the pro-choice PAC "Emily's List").

- Anti-war-on-drugs activism.

- Narrator of the outstanding documentary on American political prisoners, Through The Wire, among other "political media" projects.

As for myself? Very mixed feelings (I have a candidate I support already)... but if it's true, it's the biggest "celebrity candidate" possibility that's popped up in my memory.

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