Saturday, December 23, 2006

Grapevine: In support of Politics1

The blog "grapevine" works: I hadn't made it by Politics1 in a few days, but I picked up from Gene Chapman, who got it from Conservative President 2008, that Ron Gunzberger, publisher of Politics1, is being sued.

For $5 million. By some asshat who, get this, blames Ron (among others) for the fact that he wasn't able to get himself elected governor of New York ... as a write-in candidate!

I doubt that Ron is worried. The suit, of course, is meritless, Ron's a lawyer, and it will go away. But he is pissed, and I don't blame him. He's never claimed to be "objective" -- he's a Democrat and up front about that -- but he does go out of his way to be inclusive of third party and independent candidates, even though he's under absolutely no obligation to do so. Over the years, I've had occasion to throw a bit of news at him now and again, or to offer a correction, and he's always been responsive and, to the best of his ability, accurate, even when we disagree.

The really bad part here is that he's considering shutting down Politics1. It's not that he's afraid of frivolous suits like this one; I suspect that it's that they could, if they continue, turn into an annoyance that just isn't worth it. Running a marginally profitable -- or just enjoyable -- site can become a big loser if its author has to waste half his time responding to meritless and vexatious litigation.

Politics1 is my resource of first resort for candidate information -- not just Libertarian, but general. If you agree (and if you don't, you haven't visited the site yet), let him know you support him with a blog post of your own, or with a comment at his site.

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