Wednesday, November 01, 2006

No apologies necessary

Every time I turn around, someone's opining that John Kerry "owes everyone who's ever served in the military an apology." I don't presume to speak for "everyone who's ever served in the military," but I can speak for myself, so I will.

As a veteran of the 1991 war (Marine Corps -- infantry), I don't desire an apology from Senator Kerry. I didn't find what he said offensive. The line as it was allegedly intended to be delivered would have been better, but what he actually said worked okay.

I do, however, have something to ask of the Democrats who are running for cover: Stop. Please. Show some goddamn backbone, for the love of Harry Truman. If you want a party line to cling to, try this one on for size:

"We'll gladly apologize for John Kerry blowing a line in a speech -- just as soon as we've heard George W. Bush's apology for the nearly 3,000 American deaths, the tens of thousands of American injuries and maimings, and the virtual disintegration of the US armed forces caused by his military incompetence, moral bankruptcy, and treasonous abuse of executive power."

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