Saturday, March 05, 2005

I am so there ...

The star search is on ... Country Music Television[TM] is seeking a blogger to serve as veep of the CMT Dukes of Hazzard Institute! $100K to watch -- and apparently liveblog -- the show, do public events with Bo, Luke and Daisy, etc.

I've got this one nailed down, folks, if I can master the written word well enough to fill out the application. Ben Jones ("Cooter" to those of us who grew up driving the General Lee in our dreams) ran for Congress as a Democrat a few years back. Now that I'm a Democrat, too, I'm looking forward to getting together with Mr. Jones and James Carville for Old Home Day, complete with a hogshead of mint julep and a stack of wet ribs taller than the Blue Ridge to talk things over -- a Southern Democratic Corn Liquor Caucus, if you will -- and seeking some patronage.

Hat tip to Cheryl Bates for noting that I'm a Tennessee-bred, whiskey drinkin', teeth-missin' redneck and pointing me at the job I was so obviously born to do.

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