Thursday, September 30, 2004

NewsClip: When does alternative medicine become homicide?

"'God, please, no more,' 19-year-old Sean Flanagan gasped, the last words he spoke before he died after a treatment from naturopath Brian O'Connell that went terribly wrong. Dave and Laura Flanagan had turned to O'Connell in desperation after doctors told them their son would be dead in a year from cancer that ravaged his bones and lungs. O'Connell promised to save Sean. But during a Dec. 18 treatment that involved taking blood from Sean's body, his blood oxygen plummeted to 17. ... Sean Flanagan died the next day. ... O'Connell recommended 'photoluminescence' treatments in which small amounts of Sean's blood was removed, exposed to ultraviolet light and then returned to his body. A small amount of hydrogen peroxide solution also was injected into the bloodstream."

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Story originally noticed at The Curbstone Critic

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