Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Really Have Only One Comment ...

... on tonight's Republican presidential debate, and that's on foreign policy, which the candidates are discussing right now.

There are two possibilities:

  • Santorum, Romney and Gingrich are just typical political gangsters who want to continue seizing as much of your money as possible and funneling it to their benefactors in the military-industrial complex and who would, as presidents, continue the fairly disastrous Bush-Obama policies, in which case it really makes no difference whether one of them, or Obama, wins in November; or

  • They actually believe the bizarre things they're saying, in which case they all three need to be fitted for straitjackets, stuck in rubber rooms, and fed Thorazine until they hopefully eventually become mentally stable enough to make themselves useful at one of those workshops where the mentally handicapped eke out livings by making pencil cups and other handicrafts, with the proviso that the nuclear "football" never, ever, ever be allowed within, say, 500 miles of said workshops.
Jesus ... 300 million Americans to choose from, and somehow the Republicans manage to narrow their field to four people, three of whom are, to all appearances, world-class sociopaths who sniffed too much fucking glue as teenagers, and the fourth of whom is in fourth place.

Update: Heh ... I figured it out! Newt was doing the whole debate in character, a moving homage to Peter Lorre! Bravissimo!

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