Yes, I still do political consulting. I'm no longer especially interested in campaign management or staff positions (but feel free to make your offer). I prefer to simply offer services for fees. I'm choosy about my clients. I prefer libertarians (or at least candidates pushing one or more libertarian issues takes). But I also never say never, so feel free to ping me if you're looking for something I can provide.

Press Releases

My fees for press release writing -- not including distribution -- start at $25 per release and go up (if you're difficult to work with) or down (if you put me on retainer for multiple releases or buy some kind of bundled services package) from there.

I can handle press release distribution for an additional fee, which will vary with the type and scope of distribution you're looking for. It costs more for worldwide, promoted distribution through a third party service than it does for me to just email your release to e.g. the major North Carolina newspapers.

My fee for refusing to write or distribute your release is $0. I should charge more for that, because it's a valuable service. Just to keep the incidence of it down, I'll warn you in advance:

Journalists don't give a damn about what you think unless that's woven into the context of what you do.

A press release without an action hook -- "the candidate, addressing a region VFW convention," "the candidate, speaking to reporters at the airport upon his arrival for a campaign swing through North Dakota," etc. -- isn't just ineffectual. It actively hurts your campaign, because it conditions journalists to ignore you.

I can help you frame an action hook for your policy positions, but if you want a release with no action hook at all, hire someone else. I won't do it.

Here's an older example of my press release work.

Position Papers

My fees for writing position papers start at $50. They go down from there if you want me to write a larger policy "suite." They go up from there if your policy positions are exceptionally convoluted, or if you're so confused or unprincipled that I have to make up your positions for you.

Here's an example of a position papers "suite" I've worked on. It includes bullet-point isses summaries with linked extended papers.


Price negotiable depending on length. I don't consider speechwriting my strong suit, but I've been told otherwise by clients.

Opposition Research

My fee for a basic opposition research summary is $100 plus expenses.

An expenseless oppo research summary is really nothing more than me spending a few hours on the Internet with the target's name and whatever factoids I already have at my disposal to run through various free search engines (general engines like Google, of course, but also various specialized business and government databases).

You can do that yourself. I can probably do it more quickly and thoroughly than you can, though. I've been doing it for years, and have been publicly credited with taking down at least one presidential nomination front-runner that way.

A "plus expenses" oppo research summary might include criminal records searches, bankruptcy filing searches, etc. that cost money to do properly.

I always suggest to candidates that their first oppo research target be themselves. If you think there's nothing out there that might potentially be used against you, think again. Better to know what might be coming, and prepare to deal with it, than to be surprised.

Other Services

Writing and research are my main strengths, but I can also help you with things like setting up campaign email lists/capture forms, putting together campaign events, etc. Let me know what you need, I'll let you know whether or not I can do it, and then we can talk price. Consultations prior to agreeing on specific work are, as a matter of course, free of charge. Just hit me via the contact form.

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